Product Introduction

Electrochemical arsenic ions sensor

ACCUSENSING M series sensor introduced key technology in processing blood glucose strip to achieve integrating three electrode system, microfluidic channel and reagents coating on single sensor. By rigorous control for uniform manufacturing process, M series sensor is able to perform ppb level analysis. 

With using metal ions analyzer MAS-G1, M series sensor requires no reagents and no calibration curve establishment. The easy operating process is to eliminate human interference and sample cross-contamination to effectively obtain real-time data. 


  • Model
  • As-M003050
Target analyte Arsenic(III) ions  
  • Length
  • 30 mm
  • Width
  • 12 mm
  • Microfluidic channel volume
  • 10 uL
  • Quantification range
  • 0.03-0.50 mg/L
  • Limit of detection
  • 0.02 mg/L
  • Analysis time
  • 180s 

Technical Information

Results of Arsenic Ion Monitoring in Water

The left shows the voltammogram of that As-M003050 detects different concentrations of arsenic ions (0.03-0.50 mg/L) in groundwater with MAS-G1.

There is an obvious peak (current signal) at -800 mV which increases with concentration increasing. The correlation analysis between current signal and copper ions concentration indicates R2>0.99, which means As-M003050 is able to accurately quantify the concentration of arsenic ions under groundwater environment. 

The quantification range of As-M003050 is set to meet the Taiwan control standard for groundwater. If you have quantification needs for lower than 0.03 mg/L or higher than 0.50 mg/L, please feel free to contact us.

Another arsenic sensor (As-00100150) is capable of detecting as low as 0.005 mg/L (5 ppb), meeting the current WHO recommended limit for arsenic at 10 µg/L (0.01 mg/L).


    •Just dip the sensor to the sample without extra reagents

    •No need to establish the calibration curve before analysis

    •Reagents precoated 

    •Only one drop of sample required

    •Three electrode system

    •Made of recyclable materials 



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