ACCUSENSING Technology was founded at Taichung, R.O.C.(Taiwan) in November 2017. We figured out that a long time waiting for conventional laboratory analysis resulted in decision-making delay followed by further pollution extension, which lastly threatened people's livelihood water, agricultural irrigation, and food safety. To solve this problem, ACCUSENSING combined electrochemical sensing technology with IoT technology to create a short-waiting and easy-to-use solution, which dramatically shortened the waiting time from weeks to minutes and minimized the technical user barrier. Furthermore, the value we get within minutes has a high correlation with the laboratory analysis result. We believe the way we build can make the water quality information more transparent to ensure worldwide water safety.

our mission

Our Purpose

In a fast-paced and efficiency-driven world, streamlining processes has become a global trend. Accusensing Technology employs electrochemical technology to actualize this concept in water quality testing. The objective is to deliver swift and precise water quality data, catering to individuals with time constraints in obtaining such information or lacking expertise in handling specialized equipment.

Our vision

Our Vision

Utilizing data science analysis techniques, we forecast the concentration and composition of particular chemicals in environmental water quality or within manufacturing wet processes. This proactive approach empowers decision-makers to take early action, mitigating potential damage to both the environment and products.


ACCUSENSING is a professional sensor manufacturer with the abillity of research and development. By developing fast and accurate monitoring devices for environment, we expect that increasing environmental problems will be substantially solved by significantly reducing sample analysis time form weeks to minutes.


Accusensing houses an elite team specializing in electrochemical research and development, complemented by an extensive reservoir of technical knowledge. We focus on the rapid and precise development of electrochemical sensors tailored for detecting the several common heavy metals.


By harnessing electronic expertise, we streamline extensive laboratory equipment into user-friendly handheld devices, achieving a reduction in size without compromising efficiency, effectively doubling performance.


Establishing a comprehensive sensor test film production line, implementing standardized operating procedures, to meticulously oversee and maintain process quality throughout the entire production cycle.



  • MARParticipation in the Seminar and Presentation of Achievements in Promoting the Soil and Groundwater Technology Certification System hosted by the Ministry of Environment of Taiwan
  • MAYParticipation in the Conference on Environmental Analytical Chemistry in Taiwan
  • SEPTo present a poster at the Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE)
  • SEPParticipation in the Taiwan International Water Week (TIWW)
  • OCTParticipation in the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA show)


  • MAYThe participation in the Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition in Taiwan.


  • MAYThe participation in the Kaohsiung Chemtech & Instruments Expo in Taiwan.


  • MARSelected as a member of Taiwan Accelerator Plus
  • SEPParticipation in the Taiwan International Water Week (TIWW)


  • MAYObtained Taiwan's utility model patent and invention patent
  • JUNAdopted by Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute Project for Farmland Irrigation Water
  • JULObtained Gremany's utility model patent
  • AUGAdopted by Hsinchu City Environmental Protection Bureau in Taiwan for local pollution source detection and tracing
  • SEPA new Taipei office is established in Linkou
  • OCTAttended TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, USA
  • NOVAttended VIETWATER in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • DECAdopted by Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency for groundwater arsenic investigation


  • AUGComplete hand-held rapid detection system and arsenic project development
  • OCTReceived subsidy from the Small Business Innovation Research(SBIR) Program of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs


  • OCTACCUSENSING is founded in Taichung